Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Original Nana - Into each series a little blah must fall

I should probably explain what I mean by blah - I wanted to write 'blech' or 'yucky' or 'oh crap why, oh why?'  And I'm sure this is still not clear for all of you lovely people outside of my brilliant head. 

Have you noticed that in every series you fall in love with, there is one book that's just not as good as the others even though you totally expected it to be. If the read is bad enough, this one book can turn you off to the rest of the series, but if you're like me you'll give the author another chance, all because the seventy-two (I'm exaggerating a little) previous books were rock your world awesome.

I'll admit that there are some authors who keep delivering on every book they write, and as a realist (my mom used to call it pessimism) I'm kind of waiting for the let down book. Hopefully it will never come. 

If you have never experienced this phenomenon then yay! Keep on reading with only high expectations of the author  delivering.

If you have experienced this phenomenon, you have my condolences because it's very disappointing. What did you do? Keep on with the series or chuck it? 


  1. It depends on how bad the bleh is. I've abandoned a couple authors over one really bad book. I just don't trust them anymore and have too many others to read that I'll skip them from then on so that I don't get put into a huge reader funk over it.

    1. Wow. So you didn't just do away with the series, but the author. It must have been a really bad book.

  2. This really hits home with me!

    It was a couple of years ago. One of my fav writers couldn't write books fast enough for me. I loved them all.

    Then THAT book happened. I couldn't connect with anyone or anything in the story. It ended up being one of my few DNF. I decided to take a break from their work.

    A few months later, I tried their latest read. I finished it, but it was a bitter pill to swallow, and now I keep my distance.

    This just supports the fact that every book is not for everyone. 😉

    1. It is never a good experience losing an author that you once loved reading.


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