Friday, 17 February 2017

Review: Marked by Obsession (Psy-IV Teams 3) by Jami Gray #ParanormalRomance

The Blurb
Asking for his help will expose more than her heart…

Meli Dwyer’s ordered life followed a clear-cut path, just the way she preferred until the death of her beloved brother. Rocked by her loss and grappling with the emotional fallout, a series of unexplained events marked by an escalating violence send her world into chaos. Alone and floundering in her harsh new reality, she reaches out for help from the sexy and mysterious warrior who managed to sneak under her guard, Wolf.

But some risks are worth taking…

When Wolf receives an unexpected call from the illusively alluring Meli, the PSY-IV Team’s skilled and lethal telepath doesn’t waste time racing to her side. Months earlier she ignited his protective instincts and her call gives him the perfect opportunity to set siege to her wary heart. Before he can breach the scars of her past, he’s engaged in a dangerous game beside the one woman he can’t read, facing an enemy whose motives and obsessions blur his lines between justice and revenge.

As the stakes rise, Meli must decide if the answers to her personal nightmare are worth uncovering if it costs her the man who captured her battered heart.

My Review
The stories in this series keep getting better. I don’t know if it’s because I fell in love with Wolf in the last book or because the story was just that darn excellent.

Meli isn’t the typical strong female character that kicks ass and asks questions later, but she has an inner strength that some people wouldn’t be able to touch. She has gone through a lot in her life (Ms. Gray spared no expense to make this woman suffer – she tried to destroy her psychologically, emotionally and physically), but she persevered, because she has a tenacity of spirit that no one can ever take away from.

Wolf is an alpha to the core, add to that his amazing psychic ability and hot body, and I end up having to have to fan myself at the mere thought of him. Yet he wasn’t always as strong as he could’ve been throughout the story, this made him completely human in my eyes, more accessible and less deliciously perfect, but a better more accessible hero. He and Meli were a match made in heaven.

Just so you know before you start reading the book, Ms. Gray is horrible to her characters (For her sake I hope they never come to life), which makes the book that more intriguing because you really have no idea what’s coming next.

I give this novel five out of five backpack shaped chocolate bars.

I purchased my copy from Amazon.

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