Thursday, 29 December 2016

Last Review for 2016: Highland Wolf Pact (Highland Wolf Pact #1) by Selena Kitt

This has been a fantastic year for me. I hope it's been the same for you. I'm looking forward to an even better time in 2017. 

Great news. I met my Goodreads challenge of 60 books. I even superseded it, which is a miracle considering how much work I had to do at my full time job. No one can stop this girl from reading.

I'm ending the year with a fabulous historical paranormal I was introduced to only after I was searching through book covers by Taria Reed. I fell in love with this cover and then with the blurb. This was the ultimate book to end the year with and look forward to reading the rest in the series. 

See you in 2017!

The Blurb
Sibyl Blackthorne isn't afraid of anything--except maybe being sold into marriage to a man she doesn't love. A man she's never even met. A man who, by reputation, is one of Scotland's cruelest lairds in over a century.

But what choice does she have, with her father dead and her uncle now married to his brother's widow, putting him in charge of not only the Blackthorne fortune, but Sibyl's future as well?

Then her betrothed turns out to actually be far worse than his reputation, so headstrong Sibyl decides life as a peasant, or even death, would be preferable to a future with such a despicable man, and makes plans to run away.

On an organized hunt for wolves--or, as the Scots call them, wulvers--Sybil escapes her fiancé's clutches, only to find she's run into something far more untamed and dangerous in the middle of the woods.

When a big, brawny, long-haired man, who only speaks to her in Gaelic and calls himself Raife, simply picks her up and carries her off with him into the Scottish wild, Sibyl knows she's in trouble.

When he takes her to a place no human has ever been, she knows she's gone over the edge.

And when he, at last, marks her as his own, she discovers that only one wild heart can claim another.

My Review
It’s been a long time since a book has kept me up into the late hours of the night reading. This book is a first of a kind for me. Historical paranormal romance with a strong heroine and a hero I just wanted to cross over into the fictional world and claim for myself because he was so noble.
I loved Sybil’s bravery. She really knew what she was about and truly had no fear when it came to doing the right thing.  Sybil’s transition into the world of the wulvers was brilliant. She had never heard of them before and when she was thrust into their world it took a while for her to adjust, to trust, it wasn’t instantaneous which made the whole situation more realistic. The historical aspect had me questioning (wishing fiercely) if it all could actually happen.
Raife was spectacular with his intensity.  The romance between him and Sybil was gradual. It gave both of them a chance to get to know each other and to think about the consequences of them getting together. When they did, it was amazing.
It looks like I’ve found myself another great series to get lost in.
I give this book five out of five bow and arrow

I purchased my copy from Amazon.


  1. Ooh, this sounds great. And wow, that's awesome how you managed to read 60+ books in a single year. Hope 2017 is just as successful for you, when it comes to both reading and writing!

    1. Thanks. I'm looking forward to 2017. Happy New Year, Heather.

  2. Wow! Now there's a fantasy for you. Whisked away to den of a wild Gaelic lair! Lovely. You put my pathetic 35 book record to shame, Nana. Of course, one of mine was War and Peace--just kidding.

    1. 35 books is nothing to downplay. It's a good number of books to read in a year. I love the way you described the book as a den of wild Gaelic lair. Happy New Year!

  3. Yay for hitting your Goodreads goal! It's been a while since I've read Kitt.


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