Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Romance readers: Optimist or Pessimist?

I’m of the opinion that people who read romance novels see the glass as half full and life as a wonderful experience rather than the sucky existence that many claim it to be. How did I come to this conclusion? It’s the ending. Each and every romance novel, no matter the subgenre always ends up with the hero and heroine living happily ever after. Always, with no determent or surprise.

The general (yet unofficial) definition, a pessimist is always expecting the worst to happen. In a romance novel the worst happens throughout the novel but never at the end. So a pessimist’s negative, “See I told you they wouldn’t get together” never comes to fruition when reading a romance. A true pessimist would never be able to tolerate this.

So when a person tells me they like to read romance novels I'm pretty sure that no matter how negatively they may portray life, they know it will end up well in the end.
Are you are romance reader? If yes, are you a pessimist, optimist or realist?

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  1. Hmm interesting way to look at it. In real life I'm a realist I think.


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