Friday, 19 August 2016

Book Review: Touched By Fate (Psy-IV Teams 2) by Jami Gray #Paranormal

The Blurb
Trusting him with her secrets is dangerous. Trusting him with her heart could be fatal.

As a specialized consultant for the Department of Defense, Risia Lacoste understands the bargaining chip of a well-kept secret. When her current assignment threatens to unearth her deeply buried skeletons, she’s forced into a high-stakes game of lies and loyalty where even her ability to foresee the future can’t predict the winner.

Darkness lies under the skin of every man, and PSY-IV Team operative and touch empath, Tag Gunderson, has the demons to prove it. Scarred by betrayal and disillusionment, he’s not Risia’s top pick for a partner in the game, but he’s all she’s got.

As the game draws them deeper into a pit of intrigue and their list of enemies grow, will Risia trust Tag with more than her secrets or will his demons destroy them both? 

My Review
I feel like this is a paranormal that could happen in real life and I love it. Tag is a military man who is Alpha to the core and yet his empathic ability makes him vulnerable. Risia is a strong woman who makes her really good living by manipulating people and digging up information. The fact that she can see the future is cool as hell. Ms. Gray adds a twist to how Risia’s future telling gift works which gave it a deeper dimension.

The story was filled with twists, turns, action and an intense romance that kept me turning the pages. It reads as a stand-alone, but it was nice to meet up with some of the characters from the first book. Believe me when I say that this series is on fire and I can’t wait to read book 3 which features a character that I’ve already fallen in love with because he’s so hot and his moniker is almost as awesome as his paranormal gift.

I give this book five out of five pen (it’s not as obscure as you think, you’ll understand when you read the book) shaped chocolate bars.

I purchased this book form Amazon.


  1. Great review! I love it when books make the fantastical feel possible in the real world like that. Hope the third book ends up being as amazing as the others in this series for you!

    1. Thanks. The author is fantastic so I have no doubt that book 3 will be great (said with fingers crossed).


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