Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The paperback romance experience #amreading

It’s been at least two years since I’ve laid back in bed reading a paperback romance. I totally miss it.

Before I get to my awesome experience let me tell you how this book happened to get into my mailbox – the one the post office owns. Sometime last year I was feeling adventurous and wanted to read something I’ve never read before. I figured a gay romance would do the trick. So I put out a feeler on Twitter for someone to recommend a sweet gay romance.

Lindsay Evans replies with Five Dates by Mary Jo Cousins. Of course I had to check out both the book (which I read – here is my review. By the way I don’t think sweet exists in that sub-genre) and Lindsay Evans. Her latest book Affair of Pleasure caught my eye as a pre-order. Just look at that cover. So I jumped onto Amazon and used their handy dandy clicking system to purchase the book. Before I knew it they’d thanked me for ordering the book and that it would be sent to my P.O. Box when the book was released.

My clickety little fingers had moved way faster than my eyes and I ordered a paperback copy. I’m not one to return a book only because of the way it affects an author’s ratings so I decided to wait for the book to arrive by snail mail.

One day in March of this year (About 5 months since I ordered it), my friend decides to check her mailbox and tells me I have a book waiting for me. Yay. I take a trip to Accra and hug the book to my chest (I was actually hugging the man, because once again look at the cover.
And that’s how I came to own a paperback romance after years of reading e-books.

Now for the experience.
1. I love turning pages. It’s so much different from pressing a button.

2. I didn’t have to worry about the book turning off or running out of battery.

3. There was no stress about where I put it. If I sat on it, nothing detrimental would happen.

4. Flipping back and forth to the cover was so much fun. I remember back in the day when I knew a first kiss would come, or they’d make love, when the characters were described as wearing the clothes on the cover.

5. There is nothing like that fresh book smell. Ahhhhhhhh.

Will I order another paperback? And wait five months for it to arrive? Um…no. If I find myself in a bookstore somewhere, you won’t see me being dragged out at closing time empty handed, though.

What about you? When was the last time you read a paperback and how was the experience.

By the way you can pick up a copy of this book at  Amazon.


  1. Books are easily the best scent on earth! ;)

    Even though I've been reading ebooks more and more over the years, I still read paperbacks half the time, especially for comics. It's fun, but gosh, is it difficult to find shelf space for them afterward, LOL. Glad you enjoyed your latest paperback experience!

    1. Making room for them is a problem, that's where ebooks rule.

  2. I love reading paperbacks. I was just thinking about it today, although it's easier to hold up a kindle than hold open a book, there's something sensory about reading a book - it's like a full experience. And, I've noticed, when I'm not that fond of a kindle book or find the beginning slow, I tend to just move it to the discarded folder without a problem whereas I'm more inclined to finish a paperback. I have no idea why, but it seems to happen. It looks like a lovely book you've chosen.

    1. I like what you said about it being sensory. You are so right. Affair of Pleasure was so good.

  3. There is nothing like holding a book or paperback in your hands and reading it, lying down or sitting or standing or whichever position you want. LOL.

    At time I just admire the book so much I am so reluctant to even open it and start reading it. For fear it would crumple or be defaced in some way. LOL

    1. Lol, Celestine. You have a true passion for paperback.


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