Tuesday, 31 May 2016

My most read author #Ilovereading

It’s official. I now have an author who’s work I’ve read each book of over five times each, sometimes more. Considering the author has published five books so far and has more on the way, I’v read her work at least thirty five times, maybe even more.

Why have I read this author so many times? Is it because her work is fabulous and I couldn’t stay away? 

A huge resounding YES.

But there’s an even bigger reason. I had to read her books so many times. Why? Because the author is me. I am my most read author. Those dag on drafts and edits are what kept me going back for more. Sure, writing the first draft was exhilarating. Going through the second draft is revealing. The rest are hair raising. But I had to do it in order to bring the books to a state closer to perfection.

I rarely read a book more than once only because there are so many other books to read. Other than my own books, my most repeatedly read book is… you may not believe this, but it’s true. The Bible. I’ve read it cover to cover two times (even the boring parts). And then I go back and reread the more interesting areas every once in a while.

The author whose books I have read the most of belongs to Janet Evanovich.  I’ve read 15 of her Stephanie Plumb books and spinoffs and another 5 of her romance books.

What about you? Who is your most read author?


  1. I understand about re-reading, editing, re-reading, revising our own books...hahahaaa....

    The Bible is the good book! The best one to be acquainted with and to wear the pages thin.

    I've reread all of the Harry Potter series, and I've reread the Mitford Books by Jan Karon.

    1. I have seen the Harry Potter movie but never read the books. I'll have to rectify that one day.

  2. LOL at your own books. I can see that. My most read is either Jayne Ann Krentz in all her names or JD Robb who I've read almost 40 of at this point. I do love the Evanovich ones as well :D

    1. Don't be disappointed in me but I have never read a Jayne Krentz or a JD Robb. So much to read.


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