Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Angel Craze

Do you recall back in the day when everyone started talking about angels? Well, maybe they didn’t start, but they became really popular. The show Touched by an Angel became huge. And Michael Landon played an angel in Highway to Heaven. (Am I dating myself?) Angel paraphernalia was everywhere. I’m sure Hallmark made loads of money.

Angels had been in our awareness, but something happened during that time period to make them more present. And then things died down again about them. Of course the concept of angels will never go away, only because the concept of them are so awesome.

I’ve been reading about angels in novels. Not messenger angels either, but kick ass ones. It got me thinking about what kind of angel I’d be if I were ever called to be one (a lot of laughter coming from this very faulty human). I’ve decided on an archangel – yes, can’t you see it? Archangel Nana. None of this “Hail, I come with glad tidings” for me. I’m the kind who wields a sword and knows how to use it.

Angelic love – good times.

If you’re interested in books with angels in them that I loved, here are some of my recommendations.

Cathrina Constantine – Wickedly They Come, Wickedly They Dream
L. Penelope – Angelborn, AngelFall


  1. I started a manuscript years ago involving revenge angels who came to spirits unable to rest until they found the source of their deaths. Never finished it though. Oh I loved Touched by Angel so much. The theme song is playing in my head right now!

    1. Lol about the theme song. Angels are a very popular meme.


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