Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Books Would Suck without Good Editors #EditorsRock

Yes this is my official opinion on the subject. It's one of the problems some indie writers have. They think they can get by without external editing. Most of us know that they are wrong.

I always sing the praises of Zee Monodee, my editor for Midwife to Destiny. She taught me how to show vs. tell, and how to dig into the emotions of the character. She made my book, well… good. Not that it sucked before she got her hands on it and had my stomach twisting into knots of anxiety, but it kind of did.

I thank all the editors I’ve worked with for their tireless work and willingness to take the chance at evoking my wrath to tell me I was wrong about something and make me see how it could be better. My glass of champagne (the expensive kind, nothing cheap for my editors) is raised to Zee, Faith, Lauri, Lisa, Meghan, Judi, and, Lucy for helping me create books I’m proud to have people read.

Long live good editors and may they resist pulling their hair out when dealing with authors. Cheers.


  1. A good editor can be incredibly helpful, for sure. Sounds like you've had some awesome ones!

    1. I have, and I'm beyond grateful.

  2. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for editors. They taught me how to write. Honestly, they did.

  3. Agreed. I'v been editing and editing my poetry anthology based on suggestions from haiku gurus. And it is all well and good.


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