Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Up-to-date Nana News on 2016

I had this picture taken to kind of resemble my banner because I'm still in love with it (thank you Love Bites and Silk).

Happy Brand New Year! 

On a terrific note: 
  • Zombies haven't taken over the world (whew). 
  • Vampires are still in the closet (hehehehe). 
  • Chocolate is still delicious (I never feared).

The bad news includes: 

  • I can't disappear without walking through a door or climbing through a window (quite anticlimactic unless I storm out in a huff, but it's not the same as going poof). 
  • Me engaging in sword fighting would leave me without of my vital parts and in jail. 
  • It hurts me most to tell you that although I've tried (and tried and tried) I still can't shift into a dragon. 
(Can you tell that I've been a little into paranormal novels lately?)

Fortunately, 2016 will be fabulous year for reading, writing, blogging, and being a mostly loving and happy person. I hope the same will be true for all of you (if you get the dragon shifting down, come pick me up for a ride).

I've made only one resolution for the year. By hook, crook, plane, train, or automobile I will publish five books in 2016. Yes. The good news is that Entwined Destiny is being released on the 12th so that's one down. 

I have a surprise announcement for you a little later about the book that will be published on December 24th, 2016 by a huge publisher who will be named at a later date. Just know that Nana (yes I did refer to myself in the third person) will be blowing up - figuratively only- in 2016.

I'll be doing other things during the year, but I'll call those GOALS and keep them to myself for now. 

By the way there's a man in the picture - and I'm not just talking about my book covers. I'm just saying.

The Blurb
Time is ticking away for Adjoa Twum. She has until the end of the year to find a guy, fall in love, and marry. Or else, her father will disinherit her from the family business. Adjoa hasn’t had success with the dating game. No man meets her expectations. Esi, her cousin, suggests a fake relationship with Adjoa’s best friend, Kwame Opoku, to pacify her relentless father.

Kwame thinks Adjoa’s request is ridiculous. Posing as her boyfriend might get tricky, but he can’t say no to those beautiful eyes. Once the falsified relationship begins, things heat up. He discovers deep feelings for her, feelings that might lose Adjoa and her friendship.

Should they take the chance and up it to the next level?

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  1. Lovely photo! :)

    And five books in a single year?! Wow! Sounds like 2016 will be busy for you. And I'm already so intrigued by that surprise announcement of yours. Looking forward to learning more about it!

    1. I'm looking forward to sharing it, Heather.

  2. LOL enjoy blowing up this year, Nana. Can't wait to hear the big news! It's sounding pretty awesome :D

  3. You look just like the woman in the banner. Great photo.

    Enjoy 'blowing up' in 2016 - sounds exciting :)

    1. Lol. Thanks, Debbie. I may not have her waist, but I do have her bum.

  4. A new man? Mmmh, sounds interesting. It sounds like you have a very exciting year ahead.

    1. I'm waiting to see just how interesting it's going to get, Kathy.

  5. What a wow! I'm only interested in the man! Hurray!

    1. Lol. I'll keep you posted, Celestine.


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