Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Re-release of Wickedly They Come by Cathrina Constantine #urbanfantasy #paranormal

I'm so happy to share that Wickedly They Come has been re-released by the fabulous Cathrina Constantine under a new publisher. Look at that amazing cover!

I reviewed this book when if first came out and loved it. I can only imagine how much more I'll love it with the tweeks she's made.

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A Gripping Dark Fantasy! 

A Destined Prophecy: “The White Warrior will be one with Lucifer and God will weep.” 

Haunting visions and supernatural talents are the norm for the sixteen-year-old warrior, Jordan and her mother Seeley. Together with their formidable angels they find themselves in peril when a wicked sorcerer is determined to fulfill the prophecy to his lord, Lucifer. 

After an ominous vision of spirits inhabiting teenagers in a local school, Jordan enrolls in the social culture of teendom at Elma High to combat soulless demons. She encounters Mark, a mysterious new classmate, who is hell bent on keeping her unscathed from the forces of evil. 

The fight between Heaven and Hell is escalating—and Earth is their battleground.
Something dripped on Seeley's shoulder.Then a wet dribble skimmed her cheek and landed on Jordan's arm. The wetness was bright red. Raising her head and sucking in her breath Seeley gawked at a large pentagram embedded into the rocky dome. The five pointed star mysteriously sparkled in the flickering light, and a planked balcony bordered the elevated fortification.
As she craned her head directed upward, her bloodcurdling scream split the air. Her knees buckled. "Oh my God! Oh my God! What have they done!"

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  1. That excerpt was chilling. Congrats Cat.

  2. Nana, thank you for having me on your blog today. It looks great!!!! I truly appreciate all the help I can get!!! And also Congratulations on your new release Entwined Destiny!!!

    1. Always happy to have you on, Cathy.

  3. Congrats to Cathrina on the re-release! Love how eerie that snippet is...


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