Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Review: It’s Only You by Sheryl Lister

The Blurb
From their first kiss… 
The gorgeous music mogul who saves ER nurse Simona Andrews from a hallway collision belongs firmly in her "do not date" category. He's in the media spotlight just like her ex, an actor who trashed her publicly after their split. Since she became guardian to her baby niece, Simona has even more reason to avoid high-profile affairs. Yet still her body is on fire from Donovan's lightest touch. 
Record label VP Donovan Wright tells himself it's exhaustion, adrenaline…but nothing has ever matched the feeling of having Simona in his arms. Sexy and compassionate by turns, she immediately pulls him in, even as his own trust issues surface. Before she walks away for good, he has just one more chance to prove that his promise to love and care for her will never be broken…

My Review

I love a good medical romance. Throw in a hot guy int he music industry, an intelligent nurse, and the most adorable baby ever and a good book is born.

Simona is running scared from her past and interestingly enough she plows straight into the arms of the kind of person who can keep her running.  Trusting women is hard for Donovan. So when Simona gives him something for him to leave her over (which I called him all kinds of names for doing), he tries not to look back. But love has a way of working things out.

A thoroughly enjoyable romance.

I purchased this book from Amazon.

I give this book five out of five stethoscope shaped chocolate bars.

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