Sunday, 1 November 2015

Join a reading challenge for 2016

Pick Your Genre 2016I anticipate that 2016 will be a rocking good year. Full of book releases (by me), huge sales, best seller list rankings, lots of travelling, great reads, love, and some weight loss (yes I said it).

To get things started I've joined the Herding Cats and Burning Soup 2016 Pick Your Genre Reading Challenge.

There is no way I can fail this one. I've chosen the 'Dip the Toes' option where all I have to do is read 12 books in the genre of my choosing. I choose Multicultural/Interracial Romance.

If you're interested in joining click here.

Happy Reading!


  1. Ahhhh 2016! Can't believe it's almost here. And totally with ya. Gonna be a great year! Thanks for joining in on the challenge and for sharing it! Can't wait to see what reads you pick :D

  2. Hi, I'll be doing this one too. And I wanted to let you know I'm hosting a challenge for the first time next year. Please let me know if you are interested:

  3. I hesitate to make any resolutions, even bookish ones, Nana. My reading for 2015 was so abysmal it's embarrassing. So, I will talk about bookish things as and when I am able to break through my reading block.

    All the best with the challenge.

    1. Thanks Celestine. At least you know yourself.


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