Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Review: Snow on Cinders by Cathrina Constantine #dystopia

The Blurb
How far would you go to protect your family? 

A peculiar metamorphosis has taken shape since the final days. And the planet is in the throes of healing. 

Fulvio McTullan leads his family and a band of misfits to form a new settlement, far from Tallas and it’s nefarious Elites. Their journey takes them into uncharted territories where strange creatures are lurking. It’s a battle of survival, not only from the creatures, but the mutated earth as well. 

Meanwhile, Pomfrey Addler, an oppressive Elite squashes the insurrection in Tallas. Suddenly, citizens begin to vanish in the middle of the night and his daughter, Paniess is hell bent on revenge. 

Fraught with mishaps, Fulvio finally locates the perfect place to settle. They begin to rebuild until they receive a call. A call which will lure them back into the clutches of Tallas.

My Review

I’ve been waiting for the sequel to Tallas since I finished the book. Don’t worry. If you haven’t read Tallas, you won’t get lost, the author ensures it without bogging those of us who have read it with too many details.

Snow on Cinders is filled with one adventure after another ass the author takes the reader in surprising directions from scene to scene. Before I knew it I was half way through the book because I’d gotten so engrossed.

Fulvio, one of the former Executives of Tallas and an alpha male to the nth power still knew how to get things done. And my favorite blue bear, Tibbles was still awesome.  I loved how she mixed the lives of both the new and old characters into the story.

I’m a huge romance fan so I was happy to read  just enough of it to move the story forward. I was looking forward to a certain love story coming to fruition, but it didn’t. I don’t give spoilers so I won’t tell you whose. You’ll just have to read this fantastic book for yourself and find out.

The characters in this dystopian world are aware of the hardships of their situation. So is Ms. Constantine and she’s not afraid to kill of a character (sniffle) when the scene warrants it (sniffle again).

I purchased this book from Amazon.

I give this book five out of five helicopter shaped chocolate bars.

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