Saturday, 12 September 2015

Can you please help me? TRR Nomination

I’m jumping up and down excited to announce that both Love Undercover and Destiny Mine are in the nomination round for the TRR Readers’ Choice Awards – Winter 2015.

Since I’d really like to get to the next round and eventually win, I need your help please. And if your friends, parents, siblings, cousins, frenemies, and perfect strangers could assist I’d really appreciate it.
All I need is for my books to receive at least 50 nominations each from September 11 – September 30, and I’ll be moving on to the next round.

I believe you’ll all help me out all because you’re fabulous and want to see me win.

For Love Undercover you can head over to:

For Destiny Mine

One tiny thing. You need to sign up with TRR in order to vote. Can you do that for me? Pretty Pleeeeaaaase?

Feel free to head over to this site to find other books you want to nominate.

A huge thanks in advance.

P.S. If you can take another minute to nominate my friend Inge Saunders book, Dance of Love, that would be awesome. Thanks again.


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