Thursday, 13 August 2015

Review: The Chakra Diaries by Becca Chopra

The Blurb
Balance your own chakras as you learn how these "energy centers" affect love and loss, health and happiness, life and death for the participants in a chakra workshop. You'll laugh, cry and and maybe even jump for joy as you experience their transformation with them! Whether you're an avid yogi or yogini or have never heard of chakras, you'll find this look at the human condition and the miracles that can happen through forgiveness, love and energy healing to be both enlightening and entertaining. Chakra balancing techniques and wisdom are woven throughout the life stories.

My review
To be honest I don’t know what to make of this book. I liked learning more about chakras. I enjoyed the individual stories and the healing of the chakras. The experiences were wonderfully told and allowed me to gain a bit of insight into the people.

My issue lies with Becca. When I got to one point in the book I was so angry at her that I wanted to slam the book by either not rating it or giving it a low rating. To me, what she did as a spiritual leader of sorts, had me so disappointed that I wondered if any of us were infallible to the whims of humanity.

Of course I then had to look at myself and wonder why I was being so judgmental about someone else’s tale. It’s because I’d gotten so engrossed in the story that I empathized with the characters. Now that’s some good story telling. So here I am reviewing the book.

Granted I really wish things had turned out differently for one of the characters and that Becca had handled the situation better, but that’s life, right?

I purchased this book from Amazon.

I give this five out of five crystal shaped chocolate bars.

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