Thursday, 9 July 2015

Review: A Sorceress of His Own by Dianne Duvall #ParanormalRomance

The Blurb

Since the day Lord Dillon earned his spurs, rumors of his savagery on the battlefield have preceded him into every room, stilling tongues and sparking fear. Weary of battle, he wishes only to find a woman he can wed who will approach him not with fear, but with the tenderness that has been absent from his life for so long. Yet only the wisewoman seems invariably at ease in his presence. Perhaps because she garners the same fear in others that he does himself.

For seven years, Alyssa has been by Lord Dillon's side, counseling him from the shadows, healing him with her hands, and staving off the worst of his loneliness while his fearsome reputation keeps others at bay. Blessed--or cursed--with gifts that label her a sorceress, she is forced to conceal her youth and the love she harbors for him beneath umbral robes that lead Dillon and his people to believe she is the same aged wisewoman who served his father.

All is revealed, however, and passions flare when an enemy threatens Dillon's life and Alyssa sacrifices everything to save him. When Dillon discovers that the wisewoman is far from elderly, he is instantly entranced. And, as he and Alyssa work together to defeat an enemy bent on destroying them both, Dillon will risk anything--even the wrath of his king--to be with her.

My Review
Alyssa and her all-encompassing love for Dillon had me gasping, grinning, and saying ‘aw’ a lot. To be so close to the one you love and have no chance of ever having him yet risking your life to be with him, was so sad yet inspiring. And all that she and Dillon went through still has me shaking my head (in a good way).

The action, suspense, and romance came together to keep me glued to the story. An amazing well told novel. I see more of Ms. Duvall’s stories in my future.

I purchased this book from Amazon (at full price). It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made all year.

I give this book five out of five cloak shaped chocolate bars.


  1. I'm intrigued despite my misgivings about paranormal romance!

    1. My mother always told me to try everything (not harmful) at least once.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Dillon and Alyssa's story! :-)

    1. I didn't just enjoy it, I loved it. I'm so excited to have you on my blog.


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