Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Why Amazon and not Barnes and Noble for a giveaway?

When I have a giveaway the prize tends to be an Amazon gift card. Why not Barnes and Noble you ask? For one reason only. Living in Ghana, I can't order books or gift cards from  Barnes and Noble. ***Note***I'm a tad bit lazy and haven't tried for the past year so everything may have changed.

Oddly enough I've been allowed to sign up with them and occasionally post a book review on there. Plus my books are listed there courtesy of my awesome publishers Black Opal Books and Decadent Publishing.

You'll notice that for my Love Undercover Blog Tour giveaway I've added a Smashwords giftcard as an option . Maybe next time I'll get out of control wild and add All Romance ebooks. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I hadn't even thought about offering gift cards to other places. Amazon is such a hub and an international seller... Hm. Food for thought. I'm looking forward to your after-giveaway analysis.

    1. Thanks Crystal. I'm really curious about whether the winner will choose Amazon or Smashwords.

  2. I'm in the US but only do Amazon for blog giveaways. B&N has had a less than positive opinion or attitude towards romance readers and totally turned me off of them.


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