Thursday, 6 November 2014

Review: Wickedly They Dream by Cathrina Constantine #YA #Paranormal

The Blurb
After Seeley is possessed by an evil wraith, Jordan must dig deeper into the Satanic realm. Against Markus’s direct orders, she offers herself, body and soul in a blood covenant to rescue Seeley from the clutches of hell. Jordan assumes her guardian angel will not leave her to fight alone. But there’s trouble in paradise, and Markus has been reassigned. Can Jordan defeat both her internal and external demons to win him back? Or is he gone for good this time?

My Review
There is nothing I like more in a story than a strong heroine, who has a great sense of humor. Ms. Constantine provided me with one in Wickedly They Dream. I caught a glimpse of Jordan’s strength when I read Wickedly They Come, but I’m blasted away with just how wonderful she is in the second book.

The story was packed with action, and a few surprises (including an unexpected romance) that had me opening my mouth with pleasant surprise.

A thoroughly engaging read from start to finish. Paranormal YA has a new superstar in the genre.

I give this book five out five sword shaped chocolate bars.

I purchased this book from Amazon. (On sale for 99 cents)


  1. So glad you found the perfect book Nana. Congrats Cat. on getting 5 stars.

  2. This book sounds good, love a good paranormal tale. Great review Nana!
    Sharon @ Sharon's Book Nook!

  3. Cathrina is an amazing writer. Only 99 cents for one of her books??? That's a great deal!

    1. Thank You Carole for the generous compliment!!!


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