Wednesday, 12 March 2014

All over the blogosphere with Midwife to Destiny #giveaway #romance

Today I'm running around like a chicken with her head cut off all over the blogosphere promoting my new novel, Midwife To Destiny, and I'd like you to join me. Five awesome bloggers have agreed to host me on their blogs today and yesterday.

  1. On Cathrina Constantine's blog I give tips on how to write a review.
  2. I'm doing an interview with Lola Karnes.
  3. Have you ever wondered if erotic authors practice what they write? Come answer my poll at Sharon's Book Nook.
  4. Doing a top ten list on Harlie's Books.
  5. Debbie Christiana asked me some questions I've never been asked.

If you have the time, hop on over to one or all of the blogs and give me a wave. Plus you can enter to win a $20 Amazon gift card.


  1. Yay! How fun. I'm off to check out a couple of those posts.

    1. I've seen you everywhere today, Crystal. Thank you so much for checking me out and leaving comments.

  2. That's a scary pic! I may need to come look for you to make sure you're in one piece. Will stalk you on those posts. see ya

    1. Thanks, Empi. You've left some good comments on the other posts. I like being stalked. At least by you.


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