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Spotlight: Love in the RV Park: A Romance for Men by Jeffrey Ross #giveaway

I had to have Jeffrey Ross on when I learned that he writes romance. Not many male romance writers out there. Jeffrey will be awarding a $25 BN GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour so make sure to leave a comment.


This quirky and fast moving romance revolves around passionate lovers in tangled and mostly unfulfilling relationships. The tale is complete with hot housewives, rock musicians, exotic dancers, motorcycles, steamy nail polish-melting love scenes,  hard drinking college professors, hybrid alien children, a romantic bug exterminator,  girl fights, a New Year’s Eve brawl,  religious zealotry, prophecies (The Temple of Just DOET) —and more. Ultimately, Love in the RV Park is about the male perception [misperception?] of the female psyche.—and the novel attempts to answer an age-old question: What do women want? Laugh or cry—you’ll come away enlightened after reading this zany romance.


Shadows on the Sun
The RV Park Couple No One Has Met

Tennessee Williams knew distinctly
—No shadows dance upon the Sun
And now you know it, too
But the sun shines anyway...

Yes, the pair lives together in an older single wide
A two-room palace smelling like ash trays, old coffee, and ecumenical paint.
He might have looked like Elvis (the 50’s Elvis) three decades ago…
She is still a beauty, hardened some. Though her tattoos have lost that etched
and sexy look, she still turns heads... and has a poignant “way” any male or
female might recognize.

Yes, they still cut impressive figures together—but anachronistic—
Sometime, long ago, they left Public lives together
and rode a bus to Hamilton City, and thought they’d stay a day or two—walking
hand-in-hand through the diesel fumes, neither excited nor dismayed. some time went by—
Then they waited to see if spouses were angry or perplexed—
They never heard a thing from the Old World—now, in late middle age,
Still they live and love in a rent-by-the-week mobile home,
Bathed in eerie and accusing pink light each winter morning—
Haunted by frosty windows in the dark sky December…
They wander to the Blue Caboose Diner for most meals
Coupling down cracked and slippery concrete sidewalks
Without cares but with many cares...

He listens to the world on an old AM transistor radio
She reads newspapers someone left behind—
and paints her nails and adjusts toe rings each morning …
He shaves a weathered face carefully, with a blade and mug of manly lather—
The modern age, the spiritus mundi, well that means nothing to this dyad. They have each other...

Sure, they live and love in a rented mobile
They love with the freshness of just-cut Timothy Hay, of Morning Glories, and the late April Rain…

There are no shadows dancing on the Sun…
But the sun shines anyway …

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jeffrey Ross, who resides in Arizona, is a writer, rockabilly musician, and former full-time community college teacher. He has had four "Views" pieces published on, has authored and co-authored several national and international op-ed articles on community college identity, purpose, and culture, and has recently published numerous parody poems and articles on the Cronk Newshigher education satire website. Ross co-authored the comic and critically acclaimed campus novel College Leadership Crisis: The Philip Dolly Affair (Rogue Phoenix Press, 2011).

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  1. Great excerpt, thank you.


  2. Which of your characters would you want to have dinner with? Take to a party?

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    2. Now that is a good question. Eastermann, the retired motorcycle racer, is a most interesting guy with a strange past. He would be a good dinner companion--if he didn't complain about women too much. The two exotic dancers, Dina and Dolly, who drive the old boys crazy in the novel, would be best at a party. (They are actually based on two gals I met at a New Year's Eve party last year.) Wow! Hubba Hubba!

  3. Sounds great! Thanks for sharing it and the giveaway. evamillien at gmail dot com

  4. Thank you all for visiting today. Jeff.

  5. Sounds like a really good read!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
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