Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Review: Worth the Wait by Synithia Willaims

The Blurb
When a virgin frustrated by her nonexistent dating life asks a playboy for a one-night stand, can they really ignore their attraction after the affair? 

After Tasha Smith is dumped yet again because of her virginity, she decides it’s time to stop saving herself for marriage and start dating like women in the twenty-first century. She sets out to find a man rumored to be good enough in bed to relieve her of the nuisance, but discreet enough to keep her request a secret. 

Jared Patterson seems like the perfect candidate. Yet after one searing kiss, she wonders if she’ll escape a night with him unscathed. Jared’s job as a successful fitness instructor and entrepreneur has helped him keep a string of meaningless relationships from the east to the west coast. After learning the hard way that women can’t be trusted, he has no qualms going from one sex-only relationship to the next. Although Tasha is one of the few types of women he avoids—a good girl—the man in him can’t turn down her tempting offer. 

What starts out as a onetime thing quickly turns into an affair neither want to stop. But when an unexpected situation drastically alters their relationship, it leaves them both asking if it was Worth the Wait.

My Review
The first time I read the blurb for Worth the Wait by Synithia Williams, I decided to buy the book on the spot and I am so glad I did. The concept of Tasha losing her virginity to a player like Jared (who was too hot for my own good) sounded like a disaster from beginning to end, and it was. The drama of the situation made for a great romance.

Tasha’s naïveté into going into a purely sexual relationship with Jared was understandable, if not weird considering that she had saved her virginity for so many years. Her plan would have worked if Jared hadn’t behaved in such a manner that was opposite his player status. Oh yeah, I must not forget the little twist that Ms. Williams planted to also destroy her chances of staying uninvolved with Jared. I don’t do spoilers so my lips are sealed.

The one thing I didn’t appreciate about the book was the emphasis on Tasha’s virginity, especially by her father. He made it seem as if his daughter's greatest accomplishment in life was saving her virginity. This annoyed me because Tasha had done a lot of great things with her life.  

If you are looking for a novel you will want to read in one sitting because the story is good, the writing is smooth, and you need to find out how it ends, then this book is for you. I give Worth the Wait four out of five chocolate bars.

I purchased this book from Amazon.com.


  1. The book does sound intriguing and interesting. Making a note, think it might be a good one for my next road trip.
    First Memory

    1. I'm glad you are making a note to possibly add it to your TBR list. Thanks for stopping by Sandy.

  2. Intriguing review, Nana

  3. Nice review, Nana. I saw this one when it was released and was intrigued then. Must pick up a copy!

    1. Thanks Liv. It is so interesting how we remember seeing books.


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