Friday, 1 March 2013

Another Great Blog: Delphina Reads Too Much

 My blog spotlight for the week is a book review blog which I think is fantastic. The title of the blog baffles me though. Delphina Reads Too Much. How can anyone read too much? But then again too much of anything is not a good thing. But reading? Really? I think it should be taken out of the too much is a bad thing category. We should read to our heart’s content. Granted it would take away from our relationships, families, work life, and even our health if we read all of the time. Quite the conundrum.

She mostly reads romance, but she takes you all over the place within the genre.

Delphina’s reviews are easy to read, well written, to the point and interesting. From what I’ve read so far she’s never slammed a book, but her reviews are honest. I have some of her reviewed books on my TBR list. This lady reads a lot of books, more than I get the chance to read so I’m glad she’s weeding through them for me. She does author spotlights, cover reveals (my favorite) and contests too.

Thanks Delphina for your reading guidance. If you post it I will read it.

Check out her blog and see what I’m talking about.


  1. Delphina is great. I'm not just saying that because she gave Twin Flames a lovely review, well, maybe a little :)

    She reads a lot of the same things I like and I trust her reviews. I always read her blog.

    1. I'm laughing. I can't believe we are so connected. I'll have search her blog for your review.


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