Saturday, 2 February 2013

Review of 5 Stages of Grief by Bethany Ramos

      The 5 Stages of Grief by Bethany Ramos was an amazing book.  Bethany really knows how to write chick lit. Danielle, the heroine, is a nutcase as she stumbles through the five stages of grief after finding out that her husband who died less than a year ago was cheating on her (gasp).

      Bethany has told a tale of a woman who I can relate to and sympathize with. I could swear that I was Danielle (only a little more mentally stable , no loss of a husband, and with fewer alcoholic-like tendencies, well I'm probably not like her at all).  
 I was delighted by the references to pop culture which reminded me of the good old days (aka the 80’s and 90’s).
The novel evokes a plethora of emotions, anger, sadness, joy, shock and excitement. There’s even some romance in it that makes you go ahhh.
I recommend 5 Stages of Grief for those of you who like reading about things that could happen in real life, but hope never happen to you. It was a very enjoyable read.
The next time I teach my students about Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross’ five stages of grief I am giving them this book to read. They will laugh and think I’m cool (and a little crazy).


  1. Thanks so much!! I appreciate your review and am so glad you enjoyed it :)

    1. Thanks for writing such a fantastic book.

  2. Wonderful review, Nana. Sounds like a book I would very much love to read. The human interest themes in the novel have given the book an irresistible appeal

  3. Thanks Celestine. I'm sure you would like the book.


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