Saturday, 23 February 2013

Another Great Blog: Reading Pleasure

The last time I read a Haiku was in high school and that was a long (stretch the word out) time ago. I even remember the one that I wrote. I thought it was brilliant but my friends listened smiled and then ignored me. I still think it was brilliant. 

That’s probably when I should have known I would be a writer. A writer writes because they love their work and they think it’s brilliant. Even after the worst review in the world, they still think the work is brilliant. A great writer takes criticism and makes changes to her (or his) work as needed to make it even more fantastic (if at all possible).

My great blog of the week is  ReadingPleasure- A blog about books and literature.
I was introduced to Celestine's blog when she kept leaving comments on my blog and I got tired of calling her readingpleasure, so I hunted down her blog (wasn't all that hard to do) and found out her name. While I was there I read a few of her posts. I was hooked. I return to it each time she has a new posting. She writes a lot of poetry (including Haiku), but she also writes short stories and does book reviews. 

What fascinates me about her is that she is so supportive of other blogs.  I've landed you in one of her great poems. Check her out when you have a minute. I know you will be pleasantly surprised.

And another great thing is that she’s Ghanaian like me.


  1. Oh Nana, I am deeply humbled. Thank you, my friend from the bottom of my heart.

  2. No thanks needed. I only write the truth. I'm glad you are happy.


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