Saturday, 15 December 2012

Review of PLAY WITH ME by Piper Shelly

     After reading PLAY WITH ME by Piper Shelly I want to do two things: 1.Be seventeen and kissed passionately by an amazingly handsome young man 2.Run on the beach until my calves hurt and my lungs want to burst.

                PLAY WITH ME is about a triangle of a relationship where Liza’s best friend Tony is the love of her life and all of a sudden comes a young man who takes her breath away (literally). All in the mix of this love business was the game of soccer. The book is filled with humor, action and a shocker or two to balance out the sweetness.
                Although Liza can’t play soccer well and detests the game, having once called it “the fifth, never mentioned plague that would bring the world down,” she joins the team in order to win the love of a her best friend. PLAY WITH ME is a quick entertaining read that will have you chuckling the witty words, wanting to learn how to play soccer, be seventeen (again), and desire to fall in love with an awesome guy (with a hot car).
I had forgotten how wonderful the YA romance genre is, and thanks to Piper I have been gleefully reminded. Great job writing such an engaging story Piper. I recommend this book to everyone, teenagers and older people (like myself) alike. PLAY WITH ME is not just for the young, but for the lover of true romance.


  1. Thank you, Nana, for your lovely review. Getting this sort of nice feedback is the best part of writing a book ;-)


    1. No problem Piper. Good book, good review- life is simple sometimes.

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