Friday, 21 December 2012

10 things on my ‘Leave Empty Bucket List’

 There are some things in life that people desire to achieve and when you hear that they have accomplished their goal you say to yourself, “Good for you, but you will never see me doing that. Ever!”
   I have compiled such a list. Some things that are great for other people to accomplish, but I would never want to do it myself before I die.
Note that these are in no particular order
  1.  Run a marathon, 26.2 miles, not even a half marathon (I may be willing to try a 5 K though)
  2. Bungee jump (skydiving was fun), it’s the aspect of hearing the string go snap just before I go splat that I want to avoid)
  3. Climb Mount Everest (sub-freezing cold weather conditions and extreme physical exertion does not sound like one of those must do things to me)
  4. Pose in Playboy (or Playboy Plus Size if it exists)
  5. Eat cat- like meow, meow (delicacy for some cultures, but the thought of it makes my skin crawl)
  6. Be a one hit wonder (A minimum of two hits for me)
  7. Take the Polar Bear Plunge (swimming in freezing cold water-not me)
  8. Be on a reality TV show (unless I was the editor and I looked great in all scenes)
  9. Push out a set of triplets through my vagina (like Phoebe on Friends)
  10. See a ghost manifested in front of my face (can we say run like the wind?
People change as they grow, so perhaps one day I may cross one of these things off my list and attempt to do (highly unlikely though).

Is there something positive on you your ‘Leave Empty Bucket List’ that you would like to share?


  1. Nana, I am laughing over here. Never say never, you know, especially about the triplets.

  2. Thanks readinpleasure. I'm praying against the triplets though.


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