Friday, 5 October 2012

Star Trek the Next Generation (I admit to watching it)

            I’m not an official Trekkie (never been to a convention and I have never dressed up in a Star Trek outfit), but I did love the sho Star Trek the Next Generation when it was on. My brother got me into the show years ago. If I could be any character on the show I would be Worf. 

Yes, I would be the gruff head of security who was half human half Klingon. He was disciplined, intelligent, strong and passionate (even though he tried to deny that aspect of himself). And despite his huge protruding wrinkled forehead he was cute (beauty is in the eye of the beholder isn’t it?).


  1. Worf was great :) My fave was Deana Troy, the ships councillor :)

  2. Hey Dez. Deana's whole empath ability was cool. I liked the way she and Ryker would read each others minds. In one of the movies (or was it the show itself?) Deana and Worf ended up together. I thought that was great. It was a really good show.


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