Sunday, 1 July 2012

God is awesome, but oh so funny in His deliveries

A few years ago I was begging God for roses. In the US I used to buy myself flowers on a bi-weekly basis, just because they made my life happier. For years while in Ghana the only roses I would see would be on television, so I asked God to have someone give me a rose (real not artificial). I waited, and waited and waited, still no rose. About a year later I was skipping rope at my job site (I worked and lived on a gold mine during the time) and looked at a bush I had passed by for the past year or so without paying it any attention. I went closer and it looked suspiciously like a rose bush, when I smelled the flower, my suspicion was confirmed.
  God being so wonderful didn’t give me a single rose to enjoy, He had given me a whole rose bush. Awesome indeed!

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