Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Top 6 questions every writer is plagued with (hint: self-doubt)

I’ve encountered these, or similar questions on so many writer’s blog posts. That’s because in essence Writing = Insecurity. Even when you’ve finished a story, your beta readers have given it the thumbs up and you think you’re as hot as a buttermilk biscuit fresh from the oven. BAM! Something snags you back to a state of WTF am I doing? Usually that reality is brought to you by a special care package from a publisher or agent you queried.

The questions about your adequacy as a writer start to flying and fear walks up boldly and laughs in your face (When I write you, I totally mean me!).

1. Am I good? This is number one on the list. I’m not asking an esoteric question here about my personality or my behavior. I want to know if I’m a good writer. I’ve had seven books published – by three publishers who took a chance on me. It should give me the answer right?  WRONG!

2. Why don’t they like me?  This is asked as you sit at a table which is about to buckle because it’s overburdened with ice cream, brownies, rice crispy treats (fill in what makes you happy) stuffing your face.

3. Did everyone who has ever read my books lie to me to spare my feelings? This may sound ridiculous, but it’s a valid question. At least it is when you’re in the pit of writing despair (One of the best movies ever!).

4. Am I wasting my time writing? Yes, this question will make an appearance doing a tap dance while adding jazz hands with the brightest smile you’ve ever seen.

5. Why can’t I catch a break? You try and you try and you try. Three books ought to be enough to make me famous, right? I’m sure you wouldn’t be reading this post if the answer was anywhere in the affirmative.

6. How come my first book didn’t make it onto the New York Times bestseller list as I’d expected?

I’m sure there are so many questions I neglected to ask. Please share yours.


  1. Great Post, Nana!!! I'm right there with you, and I'm sure many writer's have the same insecurities, (as I sit here eating potato chips, peppermint candy, and I'm thinking of getting a hot fudge sundae)

    1. Chuckling at your food array. Writing is it's own type of beast.


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