Friday, 17 February 2017

A Passionate Night (The Bennett Triplets) by Candace Shaw #AARomance

The Blurb
Mixing business with pleasure leads to a passionate night.

Harper Bennett’s motto is work hard, play hard. Lately, she’s forgotten the latter and has focused her time as part-owner, along with her brothers, of the hottest nightclub in Atlanta. When an intriguing client enters, Harper forgoes her promise to never date a man that doesn’t live in the same city and she finds herself playing hard to get with Hunter Arrington. The passion that has ignited between them can’t be extinguished, and she dreads the day he has to leave.

Hunter travels the world because of his career and has no intentions of settling down until his eyes land on Harper Bennett. There’s something about the petite, sassy woman that he adores and makes him feel at home for the first time in years. Now he’s faced with a life-changing decision and the thought of being without Harper isn’t an option. 

My Review
Hunter and Harper were made for each other. Starting from their instant attraction which lit the page on fire to the way their relationship progressed in such a romantic manner to the sacrifices each decided to make for the other. A lovely romance.

I give this book four out of five cheesecake shaped chocolate bars (you can decide if it should be triangular or square, all I know is that it’s delicious).

I purchased my copy from Amazon.

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