Saturday, 20 September 2014

Review: The Broken by Julia Joseph #YA #Paranormal

 The blurb
"The time before the start of the invasion dwindled, as did the fear of my own death. To calm my nerves, I checked my bow and supply of arrows. I felt for Ouriel’s knife strapped at my back, and the weight of it steadied me. I knew now, without any doubt, I could use both weapons to kill in order save the people I loved."

Born into a family of Guardians—extraordinarily gifted humans who fight demons to protect mortal souls—seventeen year old Rose Kazin shows no signs of being blessed with the supernatural talents her family has used for generations to fight. When she and her father figure, an age old celestial Warrior, are horribly wounded in a demonic ambush, Rose awakens to find a younger Warrior, Ouriel, has volunteered to stand in as her protector. She rails against his presence, but Ouriel seems interested in only one thing—teaching Rose how to protect herself from the demons she was never supposed to fight.

With his help, can Rose survive long enough to figure out who she is meant to be and why demons seem so intent on capturing her?

My review
I first encountered Julia Joseph’s work through a short story called Palomino Man. I was so happy to see two of the characters in The Broken.

A wonderful coming of destiny story of a young woman who thought she would contribute nothing to the struggle between good and evil. Rose accepts that in her family she is the only individual who is not supernaturally gifted, and she has made her peace with this fact.

When Ouriel comes into her life it changes completely. This young woman falls in love with her Warrior protector and the love is returned, but at a price which they may not be able to pay. Ouriel is wonderful. What’s not to admire about someone who would give his own life for the woman he loves?

Ms. Joseph has written an engaging, emotional story. I’m looking forward to book two of the series.

I give this novel four out of five bow and arrow shaped chocolate bars.

I purchased it from Amazon.


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    1. I should be thanking you for writing such a great book.

  2. Julia's book sounds interesting! What a wonderful review, Nana.

    1. Thank you, Cathrina! You and I have a lot in common!


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