Monday, 8 September 2014

And the winner of the $5 Amazon Gift card is...

Oh my goodness. Thanks to the fabulous Love Bites and Silk promotion team I had a wonderful cover reveal. They went above and beyond the call of book promotion

A huge debt of gratitude for all the bloggers who participated in showing off my gorgeous cover. I can't forget all of the wonderful blog readers who peeped my cover and participated in the Rafflecopter.

Love Undercover is out on Amazon for pre-order. Beat the rush and get your copy now.

Before I announce the winner I'd like you to know that today I'm doing my first interview with Love Undercover on Just Get It Written. I'd love it if you could join me.

Okay, so now for the winner of the $5 Amazon gift card.

Abigail Wendover

Just because it's my birthday month I'm giving away another $5 Amazon gift card to one of the blog participants. And the winner is:

Congratulations to you both. 

One more thing. If you;re interested in winning a $5 Amazon gift card, come wish me a happy birthday by clicking on the link.


  1. Congrats to the winners! That cover is definitely gorgeous...

  2. Thanks, Heather. That means a lot coming from such a wonderful artist.

  3. Congratulations, Nana on the release of your novel. You really rock and I'm proud of you my dear friend. Sultry cover!!!

    I take this opportunity to congratulate the winner of the blog hop too.

    1. Good to see you've taken you head out of the sand (aka writing) for a moment, Celestine. Can't wait to read more of your work.


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