Monday, 4 August 2014

Prah and Constantine Review: You, Me and Sweat Tea by Calico Daniels

Welcome to another Prah and Constantine review. We had two criteria for this month’s book: short and light.  

I wonder if Constantine read it while on the beach. I read half of it while getting my hair done and the other half relaxing at home.

The blurb

Paisley Archer has spent two years moving on…or at least trying to. But that is a hard thing to do when around every corner there are reminders of her marriage and its subsequent crumble. But with Matt back in town, all the old feeling are getting stirred up again and she’s not sure she wants them gone forever.

Matt Weston is still in love with his wife. They had the perfect relationship until Paisley called it quits after he became a pro bullrider. Now all he wants to do is figure out if what they had is able to be saved…or if a lonely life on the rode is all he’ll ever have.
Small town gossip, a couple who is struggling to figure out what they want, and a dog who has a way of keeping everyone on their toes. Welcome to Big Creek where everything is Redneck Fabulous!

My Review

From the first two sentences I knew I would like this book. It was witty, direct,  and cute. A great combination for a novella. To be honest I had a tiny problem with the elevated arrogance level of the hero. Of course the heroine’s lack of communication compounded the problem, making for some good conflict.

The dog provided an awesome comic relief. Naughty, Tilla.

This is great, quick summer read that will leave you smiling.

I give this book four out of five bull shaped chocolate bars.

I purchased my copy from Amazon.

Remember to head on over to Constantine's blog to see what she thought of it.


  1. Great review! This book sounds fun, and that cover is super-cute, too!

  2. Like always a right on review Nana. Short and Sweet like the book.

    1. Heading over to your blog. I love the suspense.

  3. Sounds like a fun, quick read. Thanks for posting.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Zrinka. It was a cute book.

  4. Dogs are not my favourite but I dig the tittle!

    1. Lol. At least you're honest, Celestine.

  5. Thanks for the review--"You, Me, & Sweet Tea" sounds fun and entertaining!
    ~Carole Avila


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