Saturday, 11 January 2014

Review: Physically Yours by Nnenna Emm

The Blurb

Personal trainer Anata has a perfect life; she is young, has a body to die for and an almost-realised dream to own Nigeria’s first women-only gym. So what if her mother is breathing marriage fumes down her only child's neck? She has all the time in the world! And she is in no hurry to kiss any more frogs.

That is until she meets banker Afam. 
Tall, besuited and dark like coffee, he seems as unperturbed by her sharp tongue as he is unaware of his chiselled good looks. Anata simply must have him!

Their passions ignite under a flirtatious friendship, but Anata is all too aware of her own departure and the shadow of his very reluctant ex, Linda, looming over them. Will she feel the burn of rejection or fight to win Afam body and soul?

My Review
I read this entertaining, sweet novel in no time.  I chuckled throughout the book almost as much as I shook my head at the miscommunication between the hero, Afam and heroine, Anata. 

I liked the incorporation of exercise and culture into the novel without hitting the reader over the head with it. It had me wanting to get to the gym. The secondary characters were appealing, all except the one who wasn’t meant to be.

If you desire a sweet romance with a touch of Nigerian culture thrown in, then Physically Yours needs to be on your TBR list.

I give this book three and a half out of five dumbbell shaped chocolate bars.

I won this book on a blog contest. 


  1. I like the story line. Yum, give me some Afam.

    1. That's what I said too, Sheena-kay.

  2. Sounds sweet and satisfying. I like Anata, sharp tongue and determined.

  3. Chiselled good looks are my weakness!


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