Saturday, 25 January 2014

Review: Bollywood Fiance for a Day by Ruchi Vasudeva

I read this book as part of the Around the World in 80 Books Challenge which took me to India this month.

The Blurb
The man of her Bollywood dreams 

Winning the chance to meet the ultimate Bollywood heart-throb, Zaheer Saxena, is just what Vishakha needs to take her mind off her recent humiliation—being jilted the week before her wedding! And when gorgeous Zaheer offers to be her fake fiancĂ©, the chance to save face with her family is just too tempting… 

It’s a deal that benefits them both—Zaheer is warding off any unwanted female attention until his next film is finished—but can Vishakha trust herself not to hope that her dream fiancĂ© for a day will be her forever man?

My Review
I loved the intensity of Vashakha and Zaheer’s attraction. Ms. Vasudeva impressed me with her initial description their encounter from Zaheer’s perspective. Their magnetism held strong until I got to the last page. 

In the beginning I wondered how the characters would end up together. How likely is it for an intelligent, foreigner-to-Bollywood woman with major family issues to get involved with a handsome, buff, adrenaline junkie, superstar? The author did a great job of meshing their worlds and making it seem possible.

I enjoyed the flavor of being in India, moving from a big city to a town, and the whole cultural experience when it came to weddings (they do like to celebrate).  Yet at the same time I didn’t understand a lot of the Indian words the author used without further explanation, which took me out of the story wishing I knew what the word meant, but I got back into it quickly.

This book gets four out of five chocolate bars.

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    1. Thanks for joining Rubina. As long as there are good books to read, I'll be on top of it with great reviews.


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