Monday, 2 December 2013

Prah and Constantine Review: Murder at Honeysuckle Hotel by Rose Pressey

Welcome to the last Prah and Constantine Review for the year. I've had a wonderful time teaming up with Cathrina Constantine to review books I may never have chosen myself. If you have missed any of our joint reviews check Chathrina's out here. Mine are here.

Don’t look for us in January because we’ll be enjoying our families and taking a break. But hopefully in February we’ll be back to feed your Prah and Constantine Review hunger.

This month Constantine chose the book. Check out her review by clicking here when you’ve finished reading mine. I’m looking forward to reading her reaction.

The Blurb
It’s summertime in Honeysuckle, and everyone is lazing in the shade with a tall glass of lemonade. Everyone except Raelynn Pendleton. She’s stuck working at the local store to make the rent while her no-good ex-husband lives it up with a floozy.

When she inherits a Victorian house, Raelynn jumps at the chance to turn her life around. How can she afford the upkeep on such a huge place? Simple. She’ll run it as a hotel. Problem is, she has no experience and the d├ęcor dates back to the Dark Ages. She’ll have to use her secret talent for turning junk into treasure or she’ll never snag an overnight guest. 

But before the new Honeysuckle Hotel even opens for business, Raelynn discovers the body of a young woman in the garden. As a newcomer in town, Raelynn is blamed for the murder. She’s fired from her job, which could mean she’ll lose the house. The only way to save Honeysuckle Hotel is to find the real killer - with or without the sexy Sheriff Kent Klein. 

One way or another, Honeysuckle will be buzzing.

My review
This was a cute novel. Every woman has her special gift and we learn that Raelynn’s  gift does not include solving a murder. Embarrassing herself, stumbling into trouble,  decorating, and catching a hunky sheriff are more her specialties.

I really enjoyed the decorating tips sprinkled throughout the book as murder and mayhem occurred all around her.

I purchased this book from

Let’s head over to Constantine’s blog to see what she thought of it.


  1. You did it again, Nana. Very good review!

  2. Sounds light and entertaining. Will be searching for the decorating tips.

    1. I forgot to mention that the decorating tips are on a budget.

  3. Sounds like fun and lots of it at that!


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