Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Nab’s month - Love Through Time is on Sale for $0.99

My brother Nanabanyin Kobina Prah (Nab for short) was born on Novemeber 17th. He died ten years ago at the age of 26. I’ve gotten over mourning him, but still miss him. He was my only living sibling. His sarcastic sense of humor put my own to shame, and with his quiet yet caring nature he was loved by everyone who knew him. He was my little brother so of course he annoyed me, um, a lot.

Nab was a budding artist. I have one of the only three pieces he ever painted, but it will forever remain incomplete. He used to consult with me before he added something to it, discussing the shading and coloring. Of course I would praise him, impressed with his new skills.

He’d been talking about writing a fantasy book (he’s the one who got me into watching Star Trek the Next Generation and Buffy the Vampire Slayer), but he died before he got the chance.

He had a vision for the cover. These are the pictures we took for them.

For my brother’s birthday I’m putting my paranormal romance Love Through Time on sale for 99 cents from November 12 - 25 so take advantage and get a copy.  Please spread the word.

Here’s the blurb and an excerpt where Jasmine and her brother Ed, have a chat after a battle the previous evening. Note that I did not base the character Ed on Nab.  Jasmine’s brother isn’t sarcastic enough to represent him.

Defending her family – no problem. Recalling past lives – maybe just a small problem. Taking a chance on love again – well…

Jasmine Gibson has her world turned upside down when she meets gorgeous Sean Taylor. He’s the first man she’s been attracted to since her fiancé dumped her two years ago. But when the disturbing daydreams start, Jasmine begins to fear that her actions in a past life may have finally caught up with her.

Sean finds it impossible to stay away from Jasmine even though he can’t shake the inexplicable feeling of betrayal, simmering deep inside him every time he sees her.

To complicate things, someone is out to hurt Jasmine and every time she and Sean are together, the police have to be called. Even if Jasmine can make Sean trust her, the two of them may not stay alive long enough to enjoy their love this time around.

Jasmine didn’t even wait until Ed stepped into their parents’ house on Saturday before she asked about Sean. After she had recovered from her breakdown in her mother’s arms she spent a sleepless night worrying about his reaction to the whole situation.

Ed moved past her into the house before answering. “I think you need to give him some time.”
“What if I call him and explain?”

Ed shook his head and walked to the kitchen. “Any food in here?”

Jasmine sat down at the kitchen table as he stuck his head into the refrigerator. “There’s some leftover pot roast.”

“I love Mom’s pot roast. It’ll make a perfect sandwich. Care to be a good sister and make it for me?”

She snorted. “Not in this lifetime, SB.”

“I had to try. How’s your arm?”

“It hurt like hell when Mom was cleaning it, but it’s all right. The cut wasn’t deep enough for stitches.”

Ed chuckled. “Last night seems like a nightmare. I can’t believe we took those guys on like that, but I’m not surprised we did.”

“So do you think I should call Sean to explain?”

He paused in cutting the roast beef to look directly at her. “Do you remember the first time I saw you fighting?”

“Yeah. It was when I was going from my white to yellow belt. You all came to cheer me on.”

“I must have been thirteen or so because you were in your first year of college at the time.”

She nodded.

“You remember what happened after the exam?”

“You refused to be alone in the same room with me for almost a month.”

“I couldn’t grasp how my sweet loving sister could be so brutal. I was scared of you.” He placed a huge chunk of the beef on bread slathered with mustard. “When you first started taking karate I thought you were so cool, but after watching you test I was afraid of you. It wasn’t just the techniques because most people can do those. It’s who you become,” he told her, grabbing a soda from the fridge.

“You change when you’re doing martial arts. You become this cold, hard, calculating, battle-driven, unrecognizable person. I could see this in you, and I was just a dumb kid watching you in a controlled situation.”

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  1. Oh Nana, I'm sincerely sorry to know that you lost your only brother. Though it is ten years as you say, the pain and memory linger on. May he continue to rest peacefully.

    1. Thank you, Celestine. You always say the best things.

  2. I'm so sorry about your brother, Nana. It sounds like you two were close and I'm sure he's proud of your writing, looking down and smiling at you ;)

  3. Sorry Nana. Your loss is irreplaceable but you've pulled through, thank God. You've done him proud. Well done.


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