Monday, 10 December 2012

The color clear

 I used to babysit when I was in college. One of the children was about 4 at the time and we were talking about colors. She pointed to the window and mentioned the color clear. I told her clear wasn’t a color. It led to a heated debate and some looking up in the dictionary. Imagine an intelligent college student debating an intelligent, albeit illogical, 4 year old? When I realized what I was doing I stopped and laughed. I was using logic to defend my case, while she was just stating what she thought she knew to be an irrefutable fact.
   I have realized throughout my life (especially while in Ghana) that some people are stuck in what they know and don’t want to learn anything else, especially if it smacks of the truth or that the different opinion could possibly be correct, meaning they are wrong!  I have learned not to argue with these people. I present the information and if they still want to believe that clear is a color (figuratively) I realize there is nothing I can or should do to stop them.

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