Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Does love conquer all?

      As an avid romance reader I had always thought that love surely conquers all. Where there is love everything will work out. That was until I fell in love, became engaged and then was unceremoniously dumped. For two years my new term for any human male (outside of my family) was ‘asshole’ or ‘bastard’. At the time I thought love didn't conquer anything. I was actual of the belief that love was weak, something used by people as an excuse to cause pain.
                Years after this broken relationship, I have come to realize that love does conquer all, just not in the way we expect it to. My life has turned out wonderfully, despite losing who I thought at the time was the love of my life, I have found other loves (not just romantic) which have shown me the enduring nature of love. Everything always works out just the way it should. That is the master plan (as I rub my hands together and laugh wickedly).  The master plan is love, so it will always conquer everything (but that's just one girl's opinion).

Tell me what you think. Does love conquer all?

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